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The outdoor dining season in Boston may be a bit shorter than some other parts of the country, but we Bostonians like to make the most of the warm weather season. Let’s not forget to mention our bountiful farmer’s markets that make it easy to pull together a delicious summer meal to enjoy with family and friends.


My husband is the chef in our household which means I get to focus on my favorite part of summer entertaining – setting the table. When throwing a summer dinner party, there are several easy ways to achieve a beautiful table setting that enhances the dining experience with comfort and ambiance.



A monochromatic palette with a touch of nature helps create a simple and sophisticated table setting. Take note of the small white stones keeping the napkins from blowing in the wind.

The Style Files


Don’t be afraid to move the indoors out – bring your kitchen or dining room table outside for a special event. Your guests will love the novelty of sitting around a “real” table. As a rule I usually stick to just a few blooms, but if you have a garden with plenty of flowers, you can create colorful centerpiece bouquets.


Style Me Pretty


I love the idea of making a low table that you can gather around and sit on throw pillows. This is a great set-up for both kids and grown-ups alike.

Style Me Pretty


White pillar candles + glass hurricanes + pottery = an easy and elegant table setting.

Image via Preppysition on Tumblr

A bowl of lobsters and an ocean view means you don’t have to worry about what the table looks like! A kraft-paper table cloth makes shell clean-up easy.

Image via Table Art


Happy summer!



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