The Invigorating Experience of an Outdoor Shower

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Have you ever had the pleasure of using an outdoor shower? I was recently thinking about the spectacular trip I took to South Africa last fall. On safari, we stayed at the amazing Boulders Lodge, where the accommodations were exquisite and each private suite included a marvelous outdoor shower. I wrote about the lodge and the spectacular interior design in a previous post. Can you imagine the experience of showering in the open air with the blue sky above and watching elephants lumber by in the African bush? Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good photo of the outdoor shower, but if you look beyond the towel rack and the sliding glass door, you can see the stone shower wall. In the second photo, you can see in the background how the beautiful stone wall curves around to partially enclose the shower area. Design enthusiast Becky Harris (user name: becky) has put together a nice collection of photos of outdoor showers on her page. The redwood slats of this shower by architect Cary Bernstein provide privacy without spoiling a gorgeous view.

Design by Cary Bernstein

Designed by architect Tracy Stone, this shower isn’t actually outdoors, but the skylight above creates the the feeling of being in the open air. Click on the photo, and you’ll be able to read a little more from Stone about this beautiful shower.

Design by Tracy Stone

Philpotts Interiors of Honolulu designed this spectacular outdoor shower. This is another example where the outdoor shower is open to the sky, but surrounded on all four sides for privacy. As Becky Harris points out, “Here the outdoor shower’s beautiful stone wall, as well as the light from overhead, can be enjoyed from indoors.”

Design by Philpotts Interiors

Of course, outdoor showers are not appropriate for every setting. It depends on where you are, the local weather conditions, and how comfortable you are with the concept. But speaking from personal experience, I can see why some people rave about their outdoor showers. Have you ever experienced one? What are your impressions? Please share!
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